Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Shoplifting & Theft. To be able to deal effectively with these types of incidents are critical for a retail business and its employees.

Importance of Video Surveillance: It Increase Overall Safety


  1. Improve Employee Productivity:Having a surveillance system allows you to monitor your employees, and the mere presence of cameras will deter staff from slacking off.
  2. Resolve Conflicts:Arguments happen, and surveillance systems provide evidence to resolve issues
  3. Protect Employees and Customers:Cameras not only deter harassment and robberies, but they provide documentation should an incident arise.
  4. Monitor from Anywhere, Instantly:Monitor your system in real time, remotely, even from the comfort of your home.
  5. Safer Working Conditions:Accidents and injuries can be resolved quickly thanks for real-time monitoring.

Our Solutions



Hikvision’s cameras are a top choice when it comes to protecting your business; being one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of video surveillance. 

From analog to IP, DVR, NVR, 360 degree fisheye, and thermographic options, there are several options to ensure your space is covered.



Improve your bottom line: Find video footage by employee, transaction, or motion. Stay connected to your business 24/7, providing insight & peace of mind. 

⇒Custom filters to narrow down by employee, transaction, duration, or the payment method

View your dashboard on your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or Apple TV

24/7 live support via app, phone, or email

Receive daily reports on motion, dashboard diagrams and transactions

“Save and Share” to bundle clips of footage and email to outside users

Historical data: watch for trends and adapt by comparing day-by-day or year-by-year

Insight by Industry:

Restaurants: Designed for the fast pace, Solink provides insight into every register, order, and employee transaction.  Search for video footage when Donna rang in nachos last Tuesday with no tomatoes. With motion search, you can set alerts when there is movement in the back office, walk-in, and anywhere your camera sees. Customized daily digests available.

Retail: Solink provides a clear view into every register and employee transaction. You can uncover customer traffic patterns with heat maps, track motion in the stock room, and view your store via the mobile app. Customized daily digests available.

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News and Updates about the PST in British Columbia (updated February 18, 2021)

*Effective April 1, 2021, soda beverages will no longer qualify for a PST exemption. PST will apply to all retail sales of soda beverages at a rate of 7%. For more information, see Notice 2021-002, Notice to Sellers of Soda Beverages (PDF).

*Additional PST registration requirements for businesses located outside B.C. will be in effect April 1, 2021. For more information, see Registering to Collect PST (Bulletin PST 001) (PDF) .

*The B.C. PST Rebate on Select Machinery and Equipment is a temporary PST program to help corporations recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19. Learn more about this rebate here.

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