Pagers & Curbside Pickup

Ideal for restaurant, retail, hospitality, and heath care facilities.

Paging and Curbside Pickup Nowadays are Most Popular Ways to Drive Business Growth.



State-of-the-art communication devices keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, while guests remain happy and can wait freely. 

Page guests when you’re ready for them. This could be for food pickup, table availability, appointment ready, you name it. Communication is key.


Page staff discreetly when you guests are ready to be served, need help, or run food from the kitchen. With paging, your staff can spend more time with guests, creating a memorable experience for them to return.

Curb Side Pickup

A new, engagement free paging solution for health care facilities and restaurants. 

Restaurants: staff can be notified when a customer has arrived to pick-up their order, and they can communicate when food is ready for delivery to the customer’s vehicle.

Retail and Grocery: staff can be notified when customers arrive to your business, and can notify them when it is their turn to shop.

Health Care: staff can be notified when patients arrive for their appointment, patients can wait in their car, and can be notified when they can enter the office. Reduces the spread of germs.

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