Inventory Management

Lower your costs and maximize projects by determining how much of your product you’re actually using. Let our software partners do the heavy lifting in your inventory management.

Inventory Management that allows You to Have Greater Control of Your Business


  • Increase and maintain margins and eliminate costly errors 
  • Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage
  • Your recipe costs get updated as ingredient prices change
  • Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchase
  • Find out if you are charging the right prices for each of your menu items
  • Find the true cost per portion for all recipes 
  • Create a daily report for cost of goods, along with other powerful reporting tools



  • Scan and weigh 20 bottles per minute at multiple outlets
  • Quickly discover what’s been poured, and what’s actually been rang in through your POS
  • No extra stickers required
  • Wirelessly sent to cloud
  • Brand consumption report, on hand values, spotchek hot-items 

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