Worried About Cash Exposure for Payouts?

We have a cost effective, secure, and reliable solution for large amounts of cash on site


Owners are issued a card and pin authorizing LCD (Local Cash Disbursement) transactions. When funds are needed for payout, this card allows the user to withdrawal cash from the ATM. Each user registered can have a custom daily withdrawal limit to mitigate risk. 

These transactions can be reported locally by printing the journal, or remotely through MoniView. LCD transactions are easily distinguished from traditional ATM transactions. 

Local Cash Dispensing Software

Store and protect your cash in IdealSAFE, which enables offline (no processor) ATM cash disbursement transactions, approved at the ATM for needs such as:

  • Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) payout
  • Payday loan disbursement
  • Payroll/bonus disbursement
  • Recycling payout
  • Morning cash register fills

You own the ATM, you own the cash, and now you can use the ATM to help manage your local cash requirements!

For more info:

Michael Iwaszkiw, Director of Operations & Certified Technician

Michael Iwaszkiw, Director of Operations & Certified Technician

(204) 254 - 3325