With the “new normal” taking over and a lot of us preferring to stay home rather than go out, people will be turning to online shops to buy goods and necessities. With the outbreak of COVID-19, several businesses have created online platforms for guests to shop on, reducing the foot traffic (and need to social distance) in brick and mortar stores.

As businesses are starting to reopen to the public, what can business owners do to balance the daily operations considering the health and safety of customers and their employees?

Together with our partners, IdealPOS has gathered tools and techniques that your business can do to coax back existing and attract new customers in this new world. 

CASHLESS & CONTACTLESS As businesses faced dramatic drops in sales or closure amid the pandemic, many are encouraging customers to pay with credit card or debit card or use their own smartphones to pay their bills and even leave their feedback. 

We will ensure your customer’s safety with these tools and features: 

    1. Debit & Credit –  Debit and credit card machines that accept tap and chip, minimizing contact between staff and customers
    2. App8 – Give customers the option to view menus and pay from their smartphone by scanning a unique QR code. The public will continue to be conscious of the spread of germs when it is safe for restaurants to reopen their dining rooms. As a result, it will take time for people to feel comfortable returning to dine-in and full-service restaurants. Proactively implementing precautions that promote safer and contactless dining experiences will help expedite the return of guests to your restaurant.
    3. Readypay –  Give customers the option to view menus, order, and pay from their smartphone by scanning a unique QR code. Ready elevates your guest experience, business performance and improves your operational efficiency, all while keeping your staff and guests safe. Ready is setting the standard for safe contactless ordering and payment in full-service, fast-casual and QSR’s.

ONLINE ORDERING – Businesses have turned to online orders for home delivery and curbside pickup

  1. Take your business online, from creating your website to marketing your digital store, no matter how big the size of your brand, we will surely make it sales friendly! 
  2. Mobile ordering platforms enable businesses of all sizes to deploy their own brand of mobile ordering applications to serve their customers and employees from anywhere. Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, golf courses, stadiums, festivals… you name it. 
  3. Have guests order and pay from their own smartphone. No menu or debit terminal sharing needed.  

GIFT CARDS / E-GIFT CARDS – With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting how businesses operate, gift cards are nothing short of a lifeline for some small businesses.

  1. Enable customers to buy and receive gifts cards online or directly on their mobile devices with eGift cards. 
  2. Over 72% of customers spend more than the gift card amount

SOCIAL MEDIA – Where many were forced into isolation and social distancing, steering towards the internet to pass the time has grown exponentially. With users online more often, businesses have a great opportunity to expand their online presence and connect with guests. Where most people turn to the web for updates and answers, make sure you are staying consistent with posting updates, promotions, and other items of importance. We can help design infographics and ads for your business, all work done locally in Winnipeg.

News and Updates about the PST in British Columbia (updated February 18, 2021)

*Effective April 1, 2021, soda beverages will no longer qualify for a PST exemption. PST will apply to all retail sales of soda beverages at a rate of 7%. For more information, see Notice 2021-002, Notice to Sellers of Soda Beverages (PDF).

*Additional PST registration requirements for businesses located outside B.C. will be in effect April 1, 2021. For more information, see Registering to Collect PST (Bulletin PST 001) (PDF) .

*The B.C. PST Rebate on Select Machinery and Equipment is a temporary PST program to help corporations recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19. Learn more about this rebate here.

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