Digital Displays & Menu Boards

Ideal for restaurant, hotels, beer vendors, coffee shops, recreational facilities, gas stations, and realtors.


Learn How You Can Use Digital Signage to Grow your Business


Digital signage makes your message stand out and ultimately delivers a return for you on your investment as it is more likely to attract a customers attention. Display and update menus, promote certain items and specials, promote properties for sale, show sales figures, the options are limitless! Make quick, easy updates in real time.


In the workplace: communicate with employees on important information such as company messages, performance indicators, safety reminders, special events, and more.

  1. Menu Changes Made Easy: Promote specific items, make a quick price change, highlight different menus and different times of the day, and easily add or delete items as needed.
  2. Increase Upsells: Highlight add-ons or features that increase overall spend.
  3. Reduce Perceived Wait Times: Distract waiting customers with trivia, promotions, or fun facts. An entertained customer is less likely to leave, even during long lines.
  4. Manage from Anywhere: Control content, view reports, and update live from anywhere with an internet connection.

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